Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things that work: Barilla Plus Pasta

I recently picked up a few boxes of Barilla Plus Pasta at the grocery store to try.  I've bought the spinach pasta (my son snubbed it - I love it but green pasta didn't really work out to well at our house).  I've bought the whole wheat pasta (again, I liked.  Boys not to much).  So this was the last time I was buying healthy pasta. 

And guess what?  They couldn't taste the difference. 

And guess what?  The healthy stuff is HUGE in that little box.  Seriously  The pasta is made  with golden semolina and wholesome flax seed, spelt, oats, barley, and legumes.  It's a great source of protein.  This pasta has 40% more protein than traditional pasta. It's fiber rich - giving you  1 cup (uncooked) gives you 28% of your daily fiber!  And it's rich in Omega -3's.

It's won awards.  It's had tons of endorsements.  It's basically the stuff.

And it's not expensive.  I know that right now Target has it on sale for $1.87 a box. 

Def. worth picking up a few boxes!

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