Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eating healthy...

So I started a new rule at our house - and I was pretty darn happy with myself for it.  Each meal must contain 3 colors.  {Because you have to eat a rainbow each day!} This may not sound like anything extravagant - and probably all you good moms do this.  But this is a huge challenge at our house. 
My son -- has never eaten a veggie before.  Gasp.  I know.  BUT Josh has Autism and with that there are big sensory issues.  So we've worked with a food therapist ( yup there are food therapists out there) who said there are certain textures that really bother him.  So I've been scared to death that I will force my child to eat something that really bothers him sensory wise. 

I think I've been

I KNOW that there are sensory issues.  And I'm sure some bother him.  But I am sure that I've been punk'd and that my kid totally uses this to get out of it. {Anyone else challenged by this?}

So 3 colors.  Each meal.  Do you know how much beige food we eat?  Make felt food.  You'll see.  10 yards of beige, 1 yard of green.  Seriously.
Breakfast it worked.  {We may have cheated - we counted a banana as yellow.  That counts?!?! RIGHT?!?!}
Dinner.  Um.  I had to state that parsley did not count for something green.  And although chocolate milk is brown and there was no brown in the chicken it still didn't count. {We were having baked chicken and macaroni and cheese.  I made green beans but as usual I was the only taker..} I told Josh he had yellow and beige but needed one more color. That there were apples in the fridge.  Green beans.  Hint Hint child. 

His solution? 
He got up and got ketchup.  And said (looking mighty proud of himself) Red is my third color.  And my husband started to laugh.

This is going to be harder than I thought.....


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  4. I saw your blog on the blog that you won fabric from...some nice Sanctuary fabric!
    Anyway, my 10 year old is autistic, and he ate brown food--mostly brown square food for awhile! (Worked with a food therapist, too.) He eats a pretty decent variety now that he's older, although candy is always his top choice.


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