Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What to expect

Did you read that book What to Expect When you are Expecting? 

Well this is my version. What to expect as you are expecting this blog to TAKE OFF!  Which it will.  Are you ready?  Get ready.

Monday - Money Monday.  Money not interesting?  Oh yes it is!!! I'm starting with a series called Mommy Millionaires.  The goal: save 1 million dollars.  It can totally be done.  Want to do it with me? 

Tuesday - Tasty Tuesday.  Meal plans, Recipes and the such. Quick, easy and yummy are the musts.

Wednesday - Wash it Wednesday.  Wash it?  Really.  Well, kind of.  More like how to make cleaning easier.  More efficient.  And organizing tips.

Thursday - Things that work Thursday.  Or things that don't.  Check in for weekly reviews - and this is where the giveaways will be!!! {Who doesn't like winning!?}

Friday - Family Friday.  Ideas of things to do with your family.  Fun "holidays" ( we totally celebrate things like Talk like a Pirate day at our house), little easy projects for everyone to do together, places to go.  AND because I don't want hubbys to feel neglected a little love for the special men in our lives too.

Saturday - Self Saturday.  I don't know about you but it seems like motherhood, wifehood (totally made that word up), growing up - hood.  I'm always running around taking care of everyone else.  Self Saturday is made to make sure that I - and all of you - are making sure that we get some time in there too!  Come drop a few pounds (don't make me do it alone!!), get healthy tips, turn back into a slightly self absorbed teenager.  You remember -- well I remember...I wouldn't leave the house without my hair and make up done, always giving myself manicures and facials, doing things for myself without thinking about anyone else...I'm not saying turn back into that -- but I miss some of that!  There are days - confession time - I don't get out of lounge clothes.  I shower (some days at noon...don't judge me) and then put on comfy clothes.  NO more.  Self Saturday -- I need your help.  Make me hot again.  My hot hubby needs a hot wife.  :)

Sunday - Sharing Sunday.  Floors open.  Share your pictures, blogs, funny things your kids say/do. 

Sounds like fun huh?  I'm so excited.  Monday is the big day.  The blog's birthday if you will.  Make sure to follow so you don't miss anything!

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  1. Great idea for a blog! I'm following now! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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