Tuesday, December 14, 2010

School Winter Treat Ideas

Soooo is anyone else crazy busy?!?  This morning for example Santa was made aware of the fact that Kmart was giving away a $50 game card with the purchase of a Wii....so Mrs. C decided to take back the Wii the elves had already made to Target (where it was on sale now) and go to Kmart to buy it.  And there was a 2 hour delay which threw me off.  I opened my email this morning and I had TONS - I won a blog giveaway! Hooray I never win! Well, I can't say that now! :)

Inlaw Christmas is this weekend...Bazillion things left to do/make.  Christmas Christmas is next week.  A bazillion and 5 things left to do/make.

Whew.  Stress...what stress?

Christmas.  Kid's school.  Are you sending in anything?  I've found a bunch of cute stuff online.  But I've settled on these cookies:

Melted snowman cookies.  Way cute right?  {Pictures from Crazy Domestic}  Plus, I thought they were pretty holiday neutral since I don't know if anyone in his class doesn't celebrate Christmas.

But these were also some choices I thought about:
Sweet and simple. {From One Charming Party}

Mixed up snowmen.  Cute idea..plus Gourmet Mom on the Go had the labels I could just print.  I Liked that.

And Brown Paper Packages also provided labels for their snowman soup.  Which is also super cute. 

But I think the 2nd graders are going to get a kick out of the melted snowmen.  If only I can come up with a cute label....

What are you doing?  What about teacher gifts?



  1. I lurve those snow men!! Very creative and clever. It's summer over here is australia - but we might have to make some anyways :O)

  2. Hi! Those cookies look dangerous! :)
    Following you from MBC.

  3. Oh my those melted snowmen are great!

    I am a new follower, from MBC, please take a moment to check out Six in the Nest

  4. I bet the key to getting the frosting right is to put it on when the cookies are still pretty warm. Maybe the marshmallow too? Then letting them cool completely before doing any more decorating... I might have to try these, they are just SO cute! I usually just bring in some fruit snacks for holiday parties, but maybe I will get a little more creative this year. :)


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